Why CannaBody?

In 2016, CannaBody founder Cameron Dansie set out on a mission to create the best natural pain relief topical in the world. His body hurt from spending much of his life competing in wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he hated the greasy/smelly topicals in the market, and didn’t want to resort to dangerous opioids or NSAIDs.

Study led Cameron to CBD, a molecule found in the cannabis plant that has natural inflammatory and analgesic properties. CannaBody CBD is C02 extracted from premium, organic, Colorado, USA grown hemp and is THC free (won’t cause a ‘high’).

Our CBD is then blended with an array of exceptional ingredients such as Violet, Arnica, Ginger Root, Comfrey, and Peppermint which creates CannaBody – a powerful, soothing serum with a smooth, calming, slightly tingly feel and a light, fresh scent.

CannaBody is a bit like a lotion. Use a couple squirts from the airless pump and rub it on joints and muscles for relief. It soaks into the skin quickly, is not greasy, and doesn’t leave a residue.

CannaBody is laboratory tested in multiple facilities by third parties to ensure purity, safety, and consistency.

Why CBD?

Our bodies contain specialized receptor sites within its cells that help regulate our body’s different physiological processes and maintain homeostasis by accepting cannabinoids. This is called our endocannabinoid system (en-dō- kə-ˈna-bə-ˌnȯid).

Hemp produces a family of compounds called phytocannabinoids. CBD or cannabidiol (ka-nə-bə-ˈdī-ˌȯl) is one of many.  These plant-based cannabinoids mimic compounds naturally made in the human body and activate receptors such as GPR55, which has been shown to assist in treating pain and inflammation.

Lab studies and volumes of anecdotal evidence claim that CBD has numerous health maintenance benefits.

CBD is non-psychoactive